Episode 7: Delivering With Confidence - Unit Testing - Part IV

In the seventh episode we discuss these aspects of unit testing:
  1. jUnit, TestNG feature overview
  2. Mocha and Chai: bdd and tdd styles
  3. Cobertura and Istanbul, nyc
  4. Cucumber, Feature Files and verbosity
  5. Introducing Cucumber to teams
  6. Spock
  7. End-to-end testing / integration testing tools:
    1. Selenium
    2. Appium
  8. End-to-end API testing: Postman
  9. Contract Tests:
    1. Pact
    2. Spring Cloud Contract
  10. Smoke Tests, testing in production and reverting on failure.
  11. Mocking Tools:
    1. JMockit
    2. Mockito and PowerMock
    3. Wiremock
  12. Your acceptance tests are next layers integration tests.

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